Of Indie Game Companies, Opinions, and Blogs

I’ve been posting on Omiya Games’ blog a lot recently, but it has come to my attention that there needs to be a distinct divide between my opinion, and that of the company. Therefore, I write this post as a reminder that anything posted in this blog (which hopefully will become more frequent) is of […]

Ichabot Crane

Ichobot Crane is an open-source, Global Game Jam 2014 entry from American University at Washington, D.C., made by a team of 5. It’s a first-person puzzle game like Portal that involves using your head…by throwing it. You can play it online, here: Webplayer The games section had bee updated as well.

Galactic NEON

#OneGameAMonth December entry, Galactic NEON, is complete, just in time for 2014! Galactic NEON is a twin-stick shooter, like Geometry Wards set in the vast, infinite space like Asteroids. Fight against horde and horde of enemies with many different weapons and power-ups! You can also play it online, here: Webplayer The games section had bee […]

String Theory

#OneGameAMonth July entry, String Theory, is finally done! The Sentient Cube is a first-person puzzle game about gathering brightly colored objects by touching them with things attached to the fishing pole. As more objects are collected, more objects light up. Utilize this ability to reach to the red gate! You can also play it online, […]