Global Game Jam 2013

Hey, everyone.  Global Game Jam is less than a day away, and I figured it’ll be a good time to provide some practical advice from a seasoned jammer who’ve went through 3 Global Game Jams, and at least 5 local, 8-hour Game Jams. How it works Before we get to the advice section, though, here’s […]

Coming Up With a Game in Global Game Jam

In Global Game Jam 2012, I came up with…12, no 13 different game ideas. Yeah, I had a lot of ideas. But how? Coming up with a game idea in a short time might seem difficult at first. But believe it or not, it isn’t: understanding the context of the situation, and letting your gut […]

About Boomshakalaka

Games-I-made-in-Global-Game-Jam ramble, part 2. In 2011, I just moved into Maryland. To get used to things, I decided to take a supporting role in a team, rather than work by myself. Our creation was Boomshakalaka, a bomb-dropping game controlled by dropping objects on the keyboard. The game is downloadable here. The theme this time was […]