Strange Free Games: Dear Esther

New week, new game.  Since indie game Dear Esther is all the rage these days, it’ll be great to look back at what started it all, Dear Esther prototype version.  So, without further ado, lets get started with the intro Dear Esther is a first-person narrative that adds vocal interjections as you travel and observe the island.  Each narration is […]

Strange Free Games: Katawa Shoujo

Warning!  I am about to introduce a Japanese-style erotic visual novel, better known as eroge.  While this game does offer an option to turn off the adult portions, be well aware that this is made for a far more mature audience. And by “mature,” I mean emotionally. New week, new game.  This week is about Katawa Shoujo, […]

Strange Free Games: Souvenir

New week, new game. Here’s an incomplete student game that still feels polished and playable. Souvenir is a meta-physical recount of a girl’s experience at college. It’s M.C. Escher-isque visuals best conveys the confusion one experiences when living away from familiar, and traveling into the new. The game begins on a stage, portraying an unnamed girl starting […]

Strange Free Games: Tower of Heaven

New week, new game. Remember Tower of Heaven? Probably not. It was one of the earlier Weekly Game Music I’ve introduced. In any case, it’s a fun and extremely challenging platformer with Gameboy-like graphics. It’s Book of Laws adds a unique, challenging twist to the classical platformer genre. The game starts with Eid, a big-headed silhouette, entering the Tower of Heaven. […]

Strange Free Games: Feed the Head

New week, new game. If it wasn’t obvious, I love surrealism. What if there was a game that was built around many famous surreal art, like those from M.C. Escher, and René Magritte? If you’ve ever asked that question like I did, look no further than Vectorpark’s Feed the Head, a free flash game. Feed the […]