Amanda Cluett Amanda Cluett

An idle game about a historical figure.

Can I Haz Monsters? Can I Haz Monsters?

As a traveller in a foreign land, you must learn the language of these strange creatures to let them help you make your way through. Find all the alien words and talk to everyone you meet, and you could unlock the power of the monsters!

Star Driller Ultra Star Driller Ultra

Drill through space and destroy your enemies to claim yourself as the king of the galaxy! Star Driller Ultra is a Star Fox-inspired space combat game where your play as a neon-colored drill to obliterate evil space ships.

Unconventional Stick Swinging Simulator Unconventional Stick Swinging Simulator

Ever wanted to swing a stick unconventionally? Now you can!
Experience the true art of swinging your really-long stick. Work hard to make it longer!

Letters From Secret Santa Letters From Secret Santa

Take a holiday trip through various locales and discover different Christmas traditions as you journey inside the imagination of a small boy reading letters from his secret Santa, in this text platformer unlike any other you’ve ever played.

Laundry Day Laundry Day

It’s time to do your laundry! Remember to clean out the dryer’s lint screen, and don’t forget to IM to your friends about your wonderful adventure in the laundromat!

Suddenly, Thousands Suddenly, Thousands

Suddenly, Thousands is a mob controlling game that takes inspiration from Pikmin and The Swapper.

Make it Juicy: Easy Methods to Make Your Game More Engaging Make it Juicy: Easy Methods to Make Your Game More Engaging

Make it Juicy: Easy Methods to Make Your Game More Engaging is a presentation I made that lists various techniques I use to make my games more fun to play.

Not a Clone Not a Clone

Not a Clone is a satire on the rampant clones that appears in the mobile game market.

Ichabot Crane Ichabot Crane

A first-person puzzle game like Portal where you have to use your head…by throwing it.


Guide Top Hat Joe as he ventures on his heroic journey to achieve heights he has never reached before.

Galactic NEON Galactic NEON

A colorful twin-stick shooter, like Geometry Wars, in the vast infinite space similar to Asteroids.

String Theory String Theory

A bizarre physics game where you have a fishing pole whose lure can attach to larger and large objects.

The Sentient Cube The Sentient Cube

A Ludum Dare 26 entry: play as a sentient cube that can stick to other smaller objects to grow larger.

Touch Yoga Touch Yoga

A simple multi-touch game where one must touch and hold all circles on the screen for four seconds.

The Heart of Darkness The Heart of Darkness

A lone construction worker gets stuck in a dark and abandoned space station. He must rely on the commands given by his partner robot to navigate the treacherous place.

Swarm Swarm

A pacifist action game that involves defeating a swarm of enemies through deception.

ABCs Learn & Sing ABCs Learn & Sing

An easy way to teach pre-schoolers their ABCs.

Solitaire Double-Deck HD Solitaire Double-Deck HD

A popular card game for iPad and Android tablets.

Susie's Summer Home Susie’s Summer Home

An experimental horror game, where one navigates Susie’s maze-like summer home.

Boomshakalaka Boomshakalaka

A game of destruction with unique controls.

Save The Princess Save The Princess

A surreal 3D-slasher that parodies Japanese pop-art.

Escape Escape

A first-person puzzler involving a gravity gun.

Trip Trap Trip Trap

An evasive game that involves tricking bees.

Project Eris Project Eris

A recreation of the board game Blokus.

Zoolander Zoolander

A simple tank game that uses only one button.

Graviphone Graviphone

A platform-puzzler that involves in gravity-reversing solutions.

Protect Your Base Protect Your Base

A Warlords clone using OpenGL and GLUT.