ABCs Learn & Sing

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ABCs Learn & Sing is E4 Software’s second tablet game for the Barnes & Noble’s Nook. It’s an interactive app intended for kids 6 and under to learn the ABCs. The objective is to tap the letters from the bottom of the screen in order.

Screenshot of the title screenThe game was created by Unity 3D, with a six-man team.


ABCs Learn & Sing is an app intended to be tapped at any buttons appearing on the screen. One can change the sounds of the game from a girl’s or boy’s voice, as well as play the ABC song.


The ABCs Learn & Sing came about from a “Back to School” promotional event by Barnes & Noble. The goal was to design and develop a game within a month. With a few newly hired artists, the project served as a great introductory project. Once the design papers were thoroughly laid out, the development team worked in a game jam fashion. The sound was outsourced by a local audio professional.

In-Game ScreenshotIn total, the game took 4 weekends to develop.


While schedule was a bit strained, we’ve managed to develop a complete game many of our younger playtesters greatly enjoyed. The “tap anything, anywhere” nature proved to be inviting for these participants. The individual animations for each letter was well-received as well. Any occasional problems rooted more from miscommunication than the lack of time, allowing us to fix it promptly after the release.