The Heart Of Darkness

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To create a blind platformer, where one must rely on sounds to navigate the 2D world. Play it now!



The Heart Of Darkness is a Global Game Jam 2013 entry, where the theme was a sound of a heartbeat. A lone construction worker gets stuck in a dark and abandoned space station. He must rely on the commands given by his partner robot to navigate the treacherous place.

greenPlanetThe game was created by Unity 3D with a five-man team.


Player controls the character with the arrow keys. Press space to jump. At any point of the game, the player may press escape to return back to the menu.


The game was highly praised by its audience for its haunted atmosphere and strong art direction. Most people found the game to be an innovative variation of Simon Say’s. The game was mostly playable with little to no instructions.

Due to little play testing, however, some instructions given by the robot were considered vague. Occasional bugs would occur where the robot would give no instructions where it should have. This led to some confusion to many players that lead to their unpleasant death.

Still, the reception with this game was very strong, and many wanted to see more of it.